Thursday, April 26, 2018

Things You Need To Know About Spine

A few very people know much about spine. Spine mainly starts from the base of the skull and runs towards the pelvis. Its main jobs include carrying the weight of the body and protecting the spinal cord. If you look at its structure, you will find it pretty interesting. However, it’s not just for the sake of learning that you should know about it. There are some health related points which you need to keep in mind, and for that purpose, you should know about the spine.

Curved spine is the strong one
It’s the fact that something which bends doesn’t break. This is exactly the case with spine. The spine curvature is the very feature which makes is more capable to deal with the heavy weights. If you look at the spine from a side, it should look like ‘S’. The curves in spine help you lift heavy weights without injuring your back. The perfect shape also means that your body weight is distributed well in the body.

Spine shrinks with ageing
Spine shrinks with ageing, and it is not something you should worry about. As matter of fact, the entire human body shrinks with ageing. The shrinking of spine occurs due to decreasing of gaps between the discs.

Babies have more discs than those in the adults
You may find it interesting. When you were a baby, you had 33 discs in your spine. Now, you may wonder how many discs are there in an adult’s spine. That’s 26. It is because when we are born, we have coccyx and sacral bones separated. These bones fuse with each other as we age, leaving the total number of discs as 26.

Protection to nervous system
The spine provides protection to the nervous system. Nervous system is protected by hard bones of the spine. So, these discs tend to provide maximum safety to the vulnerable portion of the nervous system in case of the accident.

The tailbone as the name of a bird
As for the general information, the name of the tailbone is coccyx. This name is derived from the work cuckoo which is the name of a bird.

Your spine is one of the most precious things you have got in your life. So, you need to make sure that you take good care of it because its structure is what can allow you to make movements.

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